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Screen Printing

Marking method with a long tradition. Using a special screen, an attractive and durable advertising print for knitted fabrics, plastics or wood is made. Screen Printing can be carried out both on flat and cylindrical surfaces.



Pad printing

Popular method of marking, that involves use of a special stamp, the so-called tampon.
Print made ​​by this method is precise, and the price is also very attractive.  Its advantage is the possibility of marking on many types of materials.


Thermotransfer method is about hot stamping logo into the material. Allows to perform multi-color printing, and the use of high temperature to its fixation ensures high quality.



Laser engraver

Engraving using a laser is characterized by high efficiency, precision and durability. We use YAG and CO2 lasers, which allow to engrave on metal, wood, glass, leather and plastics.

Computer embroidery

A commonly used method for marking fabrics. By using computer to control the needles, we can get remarkable precision of stitching. Strands used by us guarantee high quality and aesthetic embroidery.




It is a marking method usually used for all kinds of leather or imitation leather materials.
Pressing can be done only by reflecting on the material its matrix or with the help of the silver or gold film

Digital printing

It is a non-contact marking method comprising direct image printing on the product, which is then consolidated with UV light. This method provides great freedom of design and choice of colors (full color), and the resulting effect is almost photographic.




Labels are printed on self-adhesive, filmed paper. This method is used most often when a different type of marking is not possible.
Advantages of this method are high flexibility and the ability to print in full color.