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WWW web pages


Making www pages

You don’t have a website – you don’t exist in the network.

You have a website? Would you like to upgrade it to current trends? You are welcome.

Website is a signpost for your future Customer..

Its most important task is to present the characteristics of your company.

What website can give?

  • Allows to reach wide range of future customers
  • Allows your recipient to know your company
  • Increases local and global company recognition
  • Allows to built positive image of the company

Is your website mobile?

Nowadays, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets etc.) are an integral part of the current consumer-the more difficult it is to imagine a company that does not have a mobile website. Mobile website is designed for viewing in on the mobile devices, and are a complement to the traditional websites.

Main futures of mobile websites:

  • Every time acces through mobile devices
  • Simple design
  • Lack of  unnecessary graphics
  • Minimalized screen scrolling
  • Same interface in different devices



To be a numer 1 in Google browser

Your website may be worthless, if its not visited by users, who cannot find it in the network.

Research carried out in Poland shows, that approximately 95% of all website entrances has been done thorugh Google browser and it is a growing trend.

As part of our positioning services, we offer you two forms of advertising campaign, based on the mechanism of the Google search engine.

SEM POSITIONING (known as sponsored links)

Sponsored links, otherwise called AdWords ads or PPC (pay per click) campaign, are discrete form of promotion that appears, inter alia, at the top of Google search results. AdWords ads are a direct response to the keywords entered by a user to the search engine.

SEO POSITIONING (organic positioning)

Positioning is the selection of keywords appropriate for your website, whose mission is to promote the site in search engines.
SEO is a complex process and optimal results are achieved usually in the long term.

First, satisfactory results of positioning are seen after a few months.
Then occurs the optimization and maintenance of the developed products.

Social media marketing social-media_gotowe.jpg

Social media marketing = social networking sites.

To promote the brand, mostly the following social networking sites are used:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• YouTube and blogs

Social media in recent times are playing an increasingly important role in marketing activities of many companies, due to the fact that they are easily accessible to all who have access to the Internet.
Social media marketing allows direct access to the desired target group, and also reduces cost of marketing activities.

Businesses through social media can easily reach out to their customers, build lasting relationships,  inform about new developments, products, integrate with fans through discussions and competitions.

Company identification 

Visual identification is nothing but support from the project side.
The main tasks of visual identification is to create a consistent graphical system, which will be conducive to more efficient matching of the company by customers, and will strengthen the effect of advertising campaigns

As part of the Visual Identification System design we offer:
• Logo creation
• Web Design
• Fine printing design (flyers, business cards, brochures, letterheads, posters)
• Outdoor advertising design